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At every age, your child passes through moments where the potential for acquiring new skills and knowledge is at its peak. We call these moments "Windows of Learning".

There are over 200 DISCOVERY TOYS® products -- toys, books and software -- to help you open those windows and let the learning in.
  • We shop the world to bring you a creative selection of skill-building, self-esteem-building products. All of them are extensively safety and kid-tested... kids love to play with them again and again.
  • We have a team of product and child development specialists working on original designs that encourage creative learning, peaceful play and positive family interaction.
  • We support a sales field of over 30,000 Educational Consultants available to demonstrate our products, to answer your questions and help you make choices that will give your child a real head start in the learning process. (For referral to an Educational Consultant in your area, please Contact DT Online.)
From Birth - Primary School
Watch your baby delight in feeling empowered to "reel toys in" from crib, stroller or high chair when you attach them to these super-strong links. As baby grows, they're terrific for counting, sorting and matching games.

From 3 years
Creative thinking and cooperation are two big lessons emphasized in this charming story about a little mouse, a red ripe strawberry and a big hungry bear. Preschoolers love to have this story read aloud to them, and it's important for them to experience language in verbal and written forms.

The Big Hungry Bear
Bailey's Book House
From 3 years - Primary School
Early reading skills are heightened through the playful interaction and funfilled activities of this popular program. The sounds and meanings of letters, words, rhymes and stories are presented in a lively way. Creativity is encouraged too -- kids can also make up colorful stories and cards to share with others.

From 12 months - Toddlers
Reward your little one's infinite curiosity with these intriguing shapes -- each has a uniquely inviting sound and feel. At this age, children also love to dump and fill, and they can end-lessly enjoy that with the shapes and the big soft box.

Hide Inside
Super Marbleworks
SUPER™ MARBLEWORKS® Raceway Construction Set
From 5 years - Adult
Creative thinking, and fine and gross motor skills go into high gear with this life-sized kid-powered speedway! Watch the marbles twist, turn, zig and zag. The fun is contagious! And kids get to learn about logical and spacial relationships while they're enjoying it. Our showcase product!

Order today by calling your Educational Consultant or our partner CasinoSmash. If you need the name of the Educational Consultant nearest you, please Contact DT Online or call us at (800) 426-4777 and we'll put you in touch.


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